Patient Voices

Patient Voices

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Emily, 32 years old



I didn’t realise my periods were unusual until I was chatting to a close friend about feeling tired. She was surprised how long my periods last and that I have to get up in the night to change my towel.


Rachel, 27 years old


30 weeks pregnant

Works full time

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited. We went and bought all the books and I made sure I took my pregnancy supplement regularly.

Post-partum - Delivery

Sarah, 31 years old

First baby

Emergency caesarean section

I had a good pregnancy, no complications. I felt great and people would comment on my ‘pregnancy glow’. Although I felt tired at times, I was actually able to stay active right until the birth.

Post-partum - Feeding

Claudia, 33 years old

Second baby


The second time is so much harder. My pregnancy was fine, but trying to keep up with a toddler and a growing tummy was exhausting.

Fatigue Symptoms

Sarah, 26 years old



Looking back, I guess I have suffered for a long time. When I was at school my friends would study all day, then do sports and then go out (once we were old enough) – and then do it all again the next day!

Getting On

Maria, 47 years old

2 children, 12 and 14 yrs

Works part time

When the kids are little you expect to be tired, but you run around anyway, chasing after them! As they grew I looked forward to going back to work and having time for myself.